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* I started knitting in 2004 and have not been able to stop.
*I am in love with yoga. I didn't know I felt like crap until I tried yoga and felt good for the first time.
*I am allergic to all things living and most things dead.
*I didn't know this until after three years of pre-vet.
*God and I have discussions about this often.
*I returned to college for marketing/management. I know that makes no sense whatsoever.
*I now work in health care administration and I also know that REALLY makes no sense.
*Despite my allergies I have horses and barn cats (outside of course). And a Labradoodle-non-allergenic.
*I think bellydancing is an artform. I've tried lots of dance styles and this is the most difficult.
*I make jewelry.
*I also buy jewelry.
*I have difficulties in time management due to my hobbies, but who doesn't?


Yarn, yoga, tribal fusion style bellydance, jewelry, all things equestrian, coffee